For some kids, eating green vegetables can be a process.

"Tell me please, what is the fuss to eat the tops of Asparagus......Can you grow eggs from an eggplant? I certainly think you can't."


"The nose"

"dream child"


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The first and last few lines give you an idea of the purpose

and process of each poem.

Kids love to collect and save.....EVERYTHING! Help is on the way to organize "So I can rest after a busy day, sorting and putting my stuff away."

"saving stuff"

What about it? "The nose is centered in a convenient place, right in the middle of everyone's face"..."It's important to care for your nose, do not insert fingers or toes."

"at the Table"

Good reading for kids    

All poems are presented in a standard 11 x 14 mat, ready to frame. 

You can display in a child's room or any room where you feel the words are well suited.

No charge for personalization:   example     "To Tyler"   "Love, Nana"

"bath time"

"I like to sit in my tub, with lots of bubbles ready to scrub."  A sweet guide to getting clean. "It's a wonderful way I have to say, to finish out my busy day.".

Written by a grandmother who dreams of the perfect grandchild.  "When I woke up to start anew, I saw my dream child is you."

Who doesn't need a gentle reminder about manners at the table? "I've been told that I am able, to use good manners at the dinner table."

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Such a thrill, it is!!!

We all know kids have their special way of viewing the world.

We love to watch them explore and learn.... engage them in conversation,

encourage and foster new experiences.

And sometimes kids, like many adults, need a little more understanding

and perhaps guidance when it comes to everyday situations.

What could be more inspirational for a child's poem than the words of a child.