Rhubarb leaves are great for bird baths and bowls for whatever....use inside as a center piece or outside to feed birds and other critters!

Rhubarb Leaves make gorgeous bowls for table center pieces. The larger leaves are used for bird baths or garden accent pieces. If you have a base, we'll make the bird bath for you.  The bowl shown here is made from an Elephant ear plant.

Each piece is unique and individual; no two pieces are exactly the same.

 For pricing and more information,

please call 973-903-0470.

Rhubarb Leaves make great stepping stones or garden accents. Stones are reinforced with wire for strength.

We recommend light steps;

no heavy duty stomping!

 Garden Art

by Ivy Lane

Each decorative leaf and bowl is hand cast from individual Rhubarb, Pumpkin, Hosta

or whatever leaves we can find! AND! We just found Swiss Chard! And Banana leaves!!

We look for strong vein structure that defines the character of each leaf.

Each item is coated with black sealer and individually hand painted.

A thin coating of clear varnish is applied to protect the color and prevent fading.

Please note: as lovely as the bowls are, the perfect center piece to any table, they are not food-safe.

Please do not use as a serving bowl.


Center piece on your table ~ holds guest towels ~ Candy dish!

You love them, but you don't what to do with them!

WHAT A GIFT!!! One-of-a-kind!!!!

Hosta Leaves are a good size for lining gardens or adding accents

around plants. I use them in potted

plants to retain moisture.

Pumpkin or Squash Leaves have a very unique shape that enhances a border or empty spot in the garden. Because of the unique structure, it's best to use as decoration only.